Heroes of Destiny
The six-book fantasy series written by Kevin Wong
"Thus rages on the Eternal War..."

July 27, 2012:

Welcome to the official website of Kevin Wong: author of the Heroes of Destiny books! If you've found this website, I hope that you read my first Heroes of Destiny book or learned about it through word of mouth. I will release all six of my Heroes of Destiny books as e-books, through the Amazon Kindle e-book store and Kobo Books e-book store.

My debut book, Heroes of Destiny Book I: The Eternal War, is available now for purchase / download. Once downloaded, it can freely be shared with anyone. I will update my website often with the latest news about me or my books.

I am working very hard at bringing out the sequels to my first book. In the meantime, I hope that you will support my writing dream by buying a copy of my first book, and then sharing it and spreading word of it to your family, friends, loved ones, or acquaintances. Thank you so much for your generous time and kindness. With your help, my writing dream can finally come true!

Sincerely Yours,

Kevin Wong
Author of Heroes of Destiny

Eternium is doomed. When the Gods beckon them to save it from the Demons, the Heroes of Destiny must answer the call!