Heroes of Destiny
The six-book fantasy series written by Kevin Wong
"Thus rages on the Eternal War..."

Thank you for visiting my website and for learning about my Heroes of Destiny fantasy book series! It has been my lifelong dream to be an author. I hope that many people around the world can know and love my writing. I am truly grateful for your help in making my dream come true!

About the author:

I am 31 years old, and I was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: the same hometown as Sidney Crosby, Ellen Page, and Sarah McLachlan. I have always hoped that, through my writing, I might one day become well-known and affect the world positively; I pray that you will help me realize my lifelong vision by supporting my books. I have always loved writing and creating art, and even as a child I was constantly drawing, painting, writing stories, and telling tales to my friends and family. I won several local awards because of the writing and artwork that I created from elementary school to high school. Along with my passion for writing stories, I love acting / performing drama, singing, playing guitar, and designing video games. Although I am Canadian, I am also Chinese (as my father and mother are both Chinese - from Hong Kong and Macau respectively). As such, I possess a unique blend of heritages and cultures, and a special balance of Eastern and Western sensibilities and beliefs. I hold a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCSc) Degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

About the books:

Heroes of Destiny is a coming of age, fantasy-adventure story that takes place over the course of six books. The tale is set in a fantasy world, Eternium, which beckons readers to be immersed in its infinite wonders.

Kevin, a knight of masterful swordsmanship ability, with his beloved Princess Launa and best friend Prince Gray, must defend the mystic world Eternium against Demono: the King of the Demons. Eternium's existence hinges on the Eternal War: the constant struggle between evil and good for supremacy. After Kevin finds a relic called the Crystal of the Gods, it tells him he is to be Eternium's saviour, by leading a grand army of good to confront hell's Demons intent on destroying humanity and heaven's Gods. He answers the call of destiny. At stake are his and his loved ones' lives, not to mention the immortal souls of humans everywhere.

Through his one true love with Launa, living despite tragic losses, and allying with the world's greatest warriors to battle supreme evil for humanity's greater good, Kevin may succeed in his destined quest to redeem Eternium and its souls. In the debut book of the revolutionary Heroes of Destiny series, and through the five sequels, readers will journey the world of Eternium and experience fully the heroes' heartbreaks and happiness.

Heroes of Destiny will appeal to both male and female readers due to its themes of romance, family, chivalry, and exploration. It is intended for older children, young adults, and adults too.

Eternium is doomed. When the Gods beckon them to save it from the Demons, the Heroes of Destiny must answer the call!